EOE #7 Drastic Changes

This week during my place bonding I chose to sit on my back deck and look out onto my back yard. During my time sitting there I couldn’t stop noticing about how fast the look of it has changed from just a couple days ago. It was covered with snow with no sign of grass or the cement of the sidewalk but now I can see patches of grass as well as part of the garden being exposed to the sun. I have never thought about how a couple days of nonseasonal weather can change things so drastically. I used to think that if we were going to see changes to this extent that it would take more to a week rather then a day or two. During this place bonding I seemed to lose track of time as I forgot to set a timer and when I finally thought about looking at the clock I was already sitting there for nine minutes by far my longest weekly place bonding.

Week 12: Inclusive Education

3 Things I Learned:

  1. I Learned that 56% of kids with disabilities spend there entire day segregated from others who do not have disabilities even though we know that is not the right environment for them and the others around them.
  2. Another thing I learned was that “typical” students had a 15 point increase on there grades when being in a inclusive classroom compared to students in a segregated classroom.
  3. Kids with disabilities who are in included in general education classrooms have been rerecorded to have better grades, improved social development as well as better behavior.

2 Connections I Made:

  1. When watching this video I made a connection with how much I have taken for granted when it comes to moving around my own house. Thinking about my house, if I was in a wheelchair I would not be able to move around it very well. There are many different levels of steps that would not allow me to go in or about my house.
  2. The second connection I made was when he asked the crowed about if the academic side of school shaped them into the person they are today or was it the social emotional aspect of school. I made this connection because I do not remember a lot of the lesson we did in class during my 12 years of school but I remember what happened during recces or lunch time as well as figuring out how to work as a team during a group project. During my schooling experience I can think back to times where I thought about how a certain topic can not be properly judged by a test rather then how having a open conversation about it would be more beneficial.

Question I Still Have

  1. How can we change the idea of a  “normal” classroom into a inclusion being the “normal” classroom?

EOE #6 Unmarked Memories

This week we went to visit the Regina Indian Industrial School that is on Pinkie Road. As soon we got there a feeling of being uncomfortable came over and it wasn’t due to the high cool winds of the morning. That feeling seemed to stay with me until I finished my couple minutes of sitting and thinking about the place that was around me. When I was walking around the grave site it really struck me that the graves were unmarked, it made me feel as if they were trying to make it seem like there death never happened. I know when I go and see my grandfathers grave seeing his headstone helps me connect with him and brings back memories of times I was with him. With these graves being unmarked it takes away that opportunity for someone to feel connected with there loved ones that they have lost. After I did my couple minutes of sitting and thinking about the area that was around me I started to become less uncomfortable as I began to think about this as another way to better my understanding on how residential schools were. 

Week 11: Secret Path

3 Things I Learned:

  1. The first thing I learned was how Canada robbed Charlie Wenjack of a long and happy life. Charlie died far to young and in a way no one should ever die, alone and away from his family and loved ones.
  2. Another thing I learned while watching this video was how many indigenous families lost their language due to residential schools. Many lost more than just there language as well, they lost traditional values and cultures.
  3. Something I found very surprising was that Pearl’s community has been under a boiled water advisory for a very long time as they don’t have any safe drinking water. Its time for the government to step in and help out these small communities in ways that they cant do themselves

2 Connections I Made:

  1. The first connection I made while watching this video was how it helped me put a visual to all the statistics I have heard about kids running away from residential schools. I have always heard and read facts about how many first nations kids never made it back there families but had a hard time picturing what these kids went through while trying to reconnect with there loved ones.
  2. Before this video I thought about railroads as a way to travel to another place when for the families that were involved in residential schools it was the main means of how kids were separated from there families and cultures.

1 Question I Have:

  1. How can we as a society make sure that 100% of the population knows and understands about residential schools?

EOE Blog #5 Winters Call

During class this week the elements were in full affect as we started to remember what -25 degrees feels like. I really enjoyed the activity we did in our facilitation groups when we took a part of ‘Coyote and Raven’ and tried to embody that section in how it meant for us. We decided to created a creative dance that involved movements that expressed how the words made us feel. For example when talking about a rock we crawled up making us distance from the environment around us. This activity made me feel connected to our surrounding area as we used how the area made us feel in our creative dance. For Thursday’s class I really enjoyed how we went off campus and experienced a new outdoor classroom while gaining new environmental skills. The three different fire building spots were very interesting to me as I have been in situations where I only had those supplies to build a fire before. One major learning piece I took away from Thursdays class was the importance of teaching your students how to use different tools in order to a simple task. Talking to some classmates after class I found out that it was many of there first time using a flint to start a fire which made teaching this skill very important due to chances of having to use it one day. That can be the beauty of outdoor education as it has an endless amount of teaching opportunists, whether its using it as a outdoor classroom or teaching a useful outdoor survival skill.

Week 10: Gender and Sexual Diversity

3 Things I Learned:

  1. One thing I learned and that was extremely shocked by was the statistic that 90% of LGB adults were subjected to verbal and physical harassment. This really made me think to my own experiences with LGBTQ adults and how little exposure I have had to this topic.
  2. Before this reading I have never heard of a game being called “Smear the Queer”. The game itself is violet and inappropriate to play in a school setting let alone the name that goes along with it. These are the types of name calling we need to take out of young children’s minds rather then make it seem like a meaningless game. This game can single out children making them weak and not safe in a place meant for learning and growing.
  3. Another statistic that I learned and made me very upset was that 30% of teen suicides were people in the LGBTQ community. This makes me think of if some teachers or students withing school would of made a better effort in making everyone feel welcomed and not alone, they might still be with us today. Its apart of our jobs as teachers to make all students schooling experience fun and exciting as well as a place to be there self and not feel ashamed to express who they are.

2 Connections I Made:

  1. After reading “How Schools Play Smear the Queers” it made me think about how little I learned about LGBTQ in my high school experience. The reading suggests bringing LGBTQ into the curriculum in an attempt to normalize the topic with students who might not really understand the topic and its importance. University was my first exposure to talking about LGBTQ in a classroom setting as it can be a uncomfortable topic for high school students. I believe media will be the greatest resource for teachers in the future to bring into classrooms too discuss with students as that seems to be where you hear the LGBTQ communities voice.
  2. Another connection I made was with having a strong support system withing schools and how important that is for students in a confusing time of there life. I remember being new to high school as grade nine when I lost my grandpa which was a hard time for me. The schools guidance counselor didn’t know me yet but still asked me to come to her office and talk to her about it. At the time I never knew how important having someone to go to and have a open conversation with really is. During high school students go through a lot of changes mentally and physically, having someone who they knew will listen to them and do there very best to help them can make all the difference and impact they need.


1 Question I Have

  1. How does a teacher bring up topics such as same sex marriage when it goes against students religious beliefs in a classroom setting.