CJ: 2 Peddle by Peddle

Once I started thinking about taking a leap into action I thought back to last summer when I decided to stop using my car so much. Living out of town I can easily burn through a tank of gas a week which is a lot for someone who drives a small car like myself. I decided to make a change in how much I use my car by starting to walk and use my bike to get places. I made the change by finding a summer job that I could ride my bike to and from everyday instead of driving even if it did mean waking up a half hour earlier. Once I started using my bike I cut down from a tank of gas a week to a tank a month as I started using my bike if I was going to a local friends house, restaurant nearby as well as the gym. I noticed very quickly that my leap helped improve my physical fitness as well as my mood throughout the day as I got much more fresh air in the morning and later at night. I realize that we are not in the ideal biking conditions this time of year but I am however still trying to use my car less weather that means car pooling with a friend to school or walking somewhere local instead of starting my car up.


CJ: 1 Becoming Unstuck

During my grade 11 year I was lucky enough to be apart of the Greenall Outdoor School program. In that we traveled across Saskatchewan searching for new places to make our classroom such as an small island on the church hill river that we spent learning about its rich ecosystem. When I was reading David Orr’s “What is Education for?”  he said “All education is environmental education” this statement really stuck with me as I learned subjects such as English, History and many more while being out in those isolated areas away from the normal classroom setting.  Settings like that help make education more exciting and repeatable for students as it did for me. When you can point out things that you are talking about and actually have your students use all there senses to fully understand the lesson it can make a lasting impressing on you as a learner. There’s one moment from being in the outdoor school program that changed my idea on what being stuck in a wind storm really means. When we were out camping in the Grassland National park we found ourselves in a middle of a wind storm during the night that pushed our tents to its limit. There were points when the other side of our tent was slapping us in the face because the wind was blowing that hard but then it would change and be coming from behind us which I never knew that wind of that strength could change so quickly. This storm made for a powerful journal entry the next day as we all experienced something extremely new to us that we might never have had the opportunity to if we were stuck in the classroom.