Common Place #3: Weight Change

When I think about my journey to becoming more ecoliterate as well as understanding how to move towards embodiment. The first thing that comes to mind is how my recycling habits have increased throughout this journey. Before we used to empty our recycling bin once every two weeks but ever since myself as well as my whole family have been trying to leave a smaller footprint. We have noticed that our garbage has gone down but our recycling has gone up. I’ve must noticed this in how much lighter the garbage bin has been compared to before as I take it to the bottom of the driveway. This shows if we stop what we are doing and try to change our habits and really think about what it means to embody what we are doing we can help make a change in the small things which helps improve the bigger things in our life. The one major thing I noticed with my habit changes is how I now think is this recycling rather then thinking is this garbage. This goes along with what the guest presenter was talking about as he talked about how you need to help people understand how to change what they are doing rather then just talk about change. If you just talk about change you will never fully make that change, you need to take the leap into action and make it happen.


One thought on “Common Place #3: Weight Change

  1. Hey Blake,
    In becoming ecoliterate and embodying a sustainable lifestyle, It definitely is about doing what we can to help make a change, even if those actions seem small. In the end, it is the small actions that collect and create a big change. You also need to take action upon your ideas instead of just sitting and thinking about them. If you embody change yourself, then others will see the example that you are setting and hopefully follow suit, creating a bigger change than you could have ever imagined.
    Great post!


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