Week 3: Just Do It



“Learning is Doing”
― John Dewey

When I think about the learning process, the most important part is when we put what we have learned and do something with it. That is why I really like this quote as it is easy to come complacent and stop right after you think you have learned something. Rather then going deeper into it and actually doing what you have learned and making a use of the knowledge you have. To fully learn something means you might have to fail at first and be able to learn from your failures. Problem solving is a very important tool to have in and out of the classroom and you learn this skill from doing. The curriculum can mean nothing to a student if it doesn’t relate to there own life and how they go about doing things. The more we can connect what we are learning to actions outside of the classmates the better chance a student will buy in to what we are teaching.





Week 2: Tyler Rationale

Thinking about my own schooling back round, I can remember times when teachers used the traditionalist perspective approach in there classrooms.  Teachers would have our seats set up in rows while listening to them read off power point slides. During that time we were given point form definitions and facts that we were to remember and be able to reiterate on the test next week. The traditionalist approach can hinder a students creativity as it has a stereotype of trying to shape all students into the same mold rather then developing outside the box learners and passionate adults.  Trying to shape students can limit there future potential as it can negatively affect there ways of exploring new options and ways of learning.

Week 1: Common Sense

Kumashiro doesn’t give a straight definition on what common sense is, but rather explains how common sense is a set of unwritten rules that people follow and should just know. Common sense can differ depending on where you live around the world, as US common sense is much different then Nepali, which makes common sense more complicated then some might think. If common sense is such a simple concept, why does it differ depending on location? Common sense is an important concept to pay attention to as it helps helps you adapt to the surroundings and their way of going about the day.