Week 10:

  • How has your upbringing/schooling shaped how you you “read the world?” What biases and lenses do you bring to the classroom? How might we unlearn / work against these biases?

I grew up just outside of Regina in Emerald Park and went to elementary and high school in this area. During my elementary years of school I can remember that there was not much diversity found in my school and had a very high white population. Every year seemed to have the same First Nations topics and never seemed to dive very deep into the information that us students needed to understand. I remember my school having a very Eurocentric view when it came to different classes and the way teachers approached those classes.

  • Which “single stories” were present in your own schooling? Whose truth mattered?

Throughout my k-12 schooling experience I only ever had white Canadian teachers with classes that had very little diversity if any in them. I can not remember leaning to far away from non white perspectives inside these classroom as they were more focused on white settler ways of thinking.

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